Overnight, Israel destroyed the main chemical-biological facility run by Iran in the heart of Syria  (September 7, 2017). The facility was used to develop chemical biological weapons as well as medium range missiles; this is the most intense and serious attack by Israel against Syria (Iran) in the last ten years; it is the same facility that Assad used to develop chemical weapons launched  against his own people (under Iranian auspices and the knowledge of the Russians).

This information was reported from Galilee this morning by Amir Tsarfati, whom I have cited often in my writing since 2009. Ten years ago Israel destroyed the plutonium manufacturing nuclear reactor in Syria built and developed by the North Koreans.

The facility Israel just wiped-out in Syria was run and built by the Iranians and their proxies, Hezbollah. The location of the facility was close to a Russian air base. Incredibly and mysteriously, Israel was able to achieve this attack without Israeli aircrafts being detected by the Syrian system.

This situation is in a developmental stage. It is being reported that Prime Minister Netenyahu is saying even moderate Sunni Arabs are supporting this situation as they are all terrified of Iran and its ability to destroy the entire region. The word is coming out that Iran is promising a severe retaliation.

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