One thought on “Poland honored historian who said Nazi invasion wasn’t so bad for Jews – Diaspora – Jerusalem Post

  1. Thet are stripping Tomasz Panfil’s words out of context. Initially, the Germans focused on extermination of mainly ethnic Poles (the leading class, the intelligentsia although Jewish Poles were among them as well).
    Google: INTELLIGENZAKTION, Operation TANNENBERG, PALMIRY, AB-AKTION, KL GUSEN, PIAŚNICA, etc. The Jewish population was forced into ghettoes and outside ghettos ethnic Poles were subject to round-ups, deportation to concentration camps and mass shootings.
    Until 1942, 9 out of every 10 Poles killed by the Germans were non-Jewish ones though This proportion changed only after the Wannsee conference.
    Google also: Special Prosecution Book-Poland (German: Sonderfahndungsbuch Polen). It was the proscription list prepared by the Germans immediately before the onset of war, that identified members of Polish elites: activists, intelligentsia, scholars, actors, former officers, and prominent others, who were to be interned or shot on the spot upon their identification following the invasion.
    There is no wonder then that helping and saving Jews later on was thus much more difficult… not to mention that Poland was the only country where the Germans decreed death penalty for offering any kind of help to the Jews (with immediate effect and whole family killed).


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