President Donald Trump got an unexpected but vitally important bit of support today from the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS). According to facts obtained from the Daily Caller, the nation’s highest court “appears somewhat irritated with federal courts that have repeatedly barred” the White House from carrying out the law in regards to migration and travel.

SCOTUS is said to have used “unusual language” as they issue what the Caller labels “three clear signals” of their frustration. All three look like a massive win for Mr. Trump and his much-needed travel ban, too. This will be music to the ears of everyone who longs to keep terror out (or at least limited) in the U.S.

The first signal is seen in the fact that the court is showing that they do believe that the government is going to win this particular battle since the Constitution does not lay out migration as a states right matter. Rather, it is one of the few federal matters of which the states get little say

Secondly, the court’s “order was forthright and terse.” This is said to be a sign that SCOTUS sees virtually no “ambiguity” in the law and that Trump is acting in 100% accordance with the Consitution. It is the states which are breaking the law if they are a so-called “sanctuary city.

Also, only two of the nine justices are said to have “registered their dissent,” so clearly, the president is not doing anything out of line when he aims to secure our borders and limit travel from nations which have pledged to kill us.

Lastly, the order “instructs the 4th and 9th Circuits to ‘render [their] decision with appropriate dispatch.’” This is the “highly unusual” part of what they wrote in that it appears to suggest that they wish to “take the case themselves, and dispose of it as quickly as possible.”

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