Dr Beila Goldberg 🌳

Today, the reading of Chateaubriand imposes on us more than ever.

Chateaubriand understood Jerusalem and its light like no other. He also understood how important it was for those who did not want to leave him, regardless of their living conditions.

For a long time, too long, Jerusalem has been the subject of political blackmail and serves as a pretext for terrorist actions.

Jerusalem, finally recognized as Capital of Israel, makes the news.

This news has given me the desire to share this text with you again.

“While the new Jerusalem comes out of the desert, shining brightly, cast your eyes between mount Zion and the temple, see this other little people who live apart from the rest of the inhabitants of the city. to complain, he suffers all the insults without asking for justice, he lets himself be overwhelmed with blows without sighing, he is asked for his head: he presents it to the scimitar.If any member of this proscribed society dies, his companion will go, during the in the night, bury him furtively in the valley of Jehoshaphat, in the shadow of the temple of Solomon.

Enter the abode of this people, you will find it in a terrible misery, making read a mysterious book to children who, in their turn, will make it read to their children. What they did 5000 years ago, This people is still doing it. He has witnessed the ruin of Jerusalem seventeen times, and nothing can discourage him; nothing can stop him from turning his gaze to Zion.

When one sees the Jews scattered on the earth, according to the word of God, one is doubtless surprised; we must see these legitimate masters of Judea, slaves and strangers in their own country; it is necessary to see them waiting, under all oppressions, for a king who must deliver them.

The Persians, the Greeks, the Romans have disappeared from the earth; and a little people, whose origin preceded that of those great peoples, still exists unmixed in the ruins of their country.

If anything among the nations bears the character of the miracle, we think that character is here. “

Journey to the East, Route from Paris to Jerusalem and from Jerusalem to Paris, Chateaubriand, 1811

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