It’s become a sadly predictable spectacle: President Trump issues an executive order that’s fully within his authority, but is deeply disliked by liberals. Liberals run to court, seeking an Obama-, Clinton- or Carter-appointed federal judge who is willing to ignore the limits of his or her own authority and issue an order against the Trump action. The result is often months of legal positioning between the Justice Department and the plaintiffs, all just to establish that the president of the United States is legally permitted to govern.

Ordinarily this would not be a controversial proposition. But because the president is Donald Trump, and because left-wing federal judges are increasingly willing to issue orders they have no legal authority to issue, we end up having court battles over every little thing – until it ultimately ends up being decided by the Supreme Court.

The good news is that SCOTUS is consistently coming down on the side of the law, which is to say they’re ruling that lower courts can’t issue orders striking down legal presidential orders just because they don’t like the order or don’t like the president. And last week the Supremes did it again, this time telling the ultraliberal Ninth Circuit to get out of the way and stop trying to save Barack Obama’s ill-conceived DACA program protecting illegals who arrived here as children:

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