It is my intimate conviction that every crime against humanity should continue to be tried in Nuremberg Room 600. It is a monument for human justice, a protector of civilization and the promise that evil will never reign again; for many souls have left testimony of the strength of justice and may it live forever!

One cannot fathom the acute violence and its aftermath that human rights lawyers deal with daily. The photo above is from the Nuremberg Trials, where Nazi war criminals, such as Austrian Adolf Hitler’s German generals and staff were tried for the execution of innocent women, children and men specifically targeting Jews, Judaic descendants and all minority groups in Europe. Aside from those victims, the entire World War II victims are estimated at 60,000,000, that is 60 million people because of the wrong choices people made against other people.

Unfortunately, human rights are studied and revealed through the massive human rights violations our world is still witnessing. While many things have improved since World War II, crimes against humanity are still on the menu and human rights lawyers and defenders suffer first-hand to find solutions, apply the law and actually stop and convict war criminals. Further, several known studies that monitor stress levels report that the average human rights lawyer has 600% more stress than a surgeon. It is a career for a tough stomach, very sharp eyes and very deep ears and mostly a very compassionate heart.

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