Ohio Schools Are Now GEARING UP And Arming Teachers

Two school districts near Dayton, Ohio have a confidential unit of teachers and staff trained to protect students in an active shooter situation; According to a Fox News report.

Posted signs read, “WARNING: Inside this building, our children are protected by an armed and trained response team.”

“Our Staff members are trained to go to the threat and address the threat. Not to run away.” Superintendent Chad Wyen noted.

The weapons and kevlar vests are stored in biometric safes, which can only be opened by trained members of the armed response team. Response team members are vetted and approved by the school district, must maintain their government license to carry weapons, and must attend monthly rigorous training.

The response team is greeted with praise from students. “I don’t think there’s any room for complaints,” a young student told Fox News.

The school’s armed security guard says that each staff member went through intense training and that he considers them “certified backup”

Many teachers and parents have voiced their support for ending gun free zones as well, promoting the #ArmTeachers hashtag:

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