This is already beyond simply raising concern: this is a real trend. And it raises an important question about the nature of the proper intervention by Israel in the fight against anti-Semitism—which has been led over the last several years by non-governmental organizations such as the World Zionist Federation, the Jewish Agency and many other local organizations. Right and Left, Orthodox and Reform, conservative and liberal: anti-Semitism unites Jewish organizations worldwide.


Unlike the past, Israel now truly has the ability as a state to act forcefully in the fight against anti-Semitism. Formal condemnations and diplomatic pronouncements are important, but they are not enough. We have an extensive arsenal of efficient weapons at our disposal: media, legal, social networks and even a not insignificant economic force in certain countries. The time has come to join forces, to recruit opinion-makers and people of influence throughout the world to begin the hunt for our pursuers. It’s that simple.


Whether through the filing of claims that will be directed by leading attorneys against any global expressions of anti-Semitism on social networks so that the attackers will know that racism costs money and will think twice before giving it expression, in providing assistance to law enforcement in other countries so that anti-Semitic criminals can be identified and, of course, by spreading the message in the public and in the media. There are times when it is permissible to issue an emergency call-up, even for the biggest cultural stars and tell them—You are now part of the war on anti-Semitism.

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