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The 2nd Amendment and the state law is what protects Americans from the gun grabbers in Washington. Americans should be able to protect themselves and should be able to carry a gun for that protection. Just think what would have happened in Oregon if some of the people were armed.

A University of Missouri business and corporate law educator who’s taught at the facility since 2002 has launched a lawsuit against the Columbia-based campus over its firearms’ ban, saying it’s unconstitutional and compromises the safety of innocents.

Royce de Barondes, who also teaches a class on firearms law, said he possesses “extensive knowledge and training on the lawful use and safe handling of a firearm,” and has a concealed carry permit, Fox News reported.

But the school still won’t let him carry on campus. So he filed a motion to change that policy.

“The gun ban makes law-abiders more vulnerable to attack by law-breakers, and unlawfully and unconstitutionally violates plaintiffs’ individual rights to keep and carry a firearm for self-defense,” the suit, filed in late September, states.

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