Ten Arab terrorists were arrested in the southern Gaza city of Rafah on charges of planning a terror attack on an Israeli naval vessel. They were captured after Gaza “fishermen” were arrested three weeks ago after they were spotted deviating from their designated fishing zone by Israeli naval forces. The so-called Arab “fishermen” were found instead to have been on a reconnaissance mission, gathering intelligence on Israeli forces in the area.

One of the detainees was found to be a member of the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, who was instructed by his handlers to plan the attack, using several vessels.

The plot involved using one boat as a decoy, and a second to attack the Israeli Naval vessel, by launching a Kornet missile. A third boat was to approach the scene of the attack in order to abduct Israeli soldiers to be used as hostages for prisoner swap negotiations.

“Once again, it has been proven that the terrorist organizations are trying to exploit Israel’s desire to ease restrictions on civilians, this time in the area of fishing, in order to promote terror attacks,” the IDF said in a statement, “in a way that harms the population of Gaza.

“Security forces on land and in the air will continue to act to prevent terror.”

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