A US Air Force colonel was suspended last year after he refused to sign a certificate in support of gay marriage. Now,

that decision has been reversed


According to The Christian Post, Colonel Leland Bohannon, citing his Chrisitan faith, refused to sign a certificate of appreciate for the same-sex spouse of a retiring serviceman.

First Liberty Institute filed an appeal with the Air Force Review Boards Agency after Bohannon was suspended.

The Air Force has now reversed its decision and stated that Bohannon “had the right to exercise his sincerely held religious beliefs and did not unlawfully discriminate when he declined to sign the certificate.”

“The Air Force has a duty to treat people fairly and without discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation and [Bohannon] met that duty by having a more senior officer sign the certificate,” wrote Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, according to The Christian Post.

General Counsel for First Liberty Institute Hiram Sasser praised the new decision and attributed this victory for religious freedom in part to President Trump’s administration.

“We are very pleased that Secretary Wilson protected the religious liberty of Col. Bohannon. This is clear evidence that the Trump administration is helping to right the ship at the Pentagon,” said Sasser.

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