German-Jewish student Liam Ruckert plans on relocating to Israel to continue his studies because in Berlin public school he experienced what he describes as rampant Muslim-animated hatred of Jews.

Ruckert, 15, told German media on Friday that, attending a school named Jungfernheide in the fall of 2016, he quickly realized that he would never be welcome there.

An Orthodox jew talks on his mobile phone as he walks past the Ahavas Torah synagogue in the Stamford Hill area of north London on March 22, 2015

At one point, according to Ruckert, a student of Arab origin — during a discussion on the conflict in the Middle East — stated that if a Jew was in class, he would kill him, causing the student to conceal his religion. Ruckert asserted that he used to have a gay Arab friend named Hussein, and they both shared with each other their secret identities.

When it was revealed that Ruckert was Jewish, students of both Polish and Arab descent attacked him verbally, including calling him “shi**y Israeli” and “shi**y Jew.” The Berlin school, which is said to have the highest migrant student percentage in the city, denied the Jewish boy’s request to change classes, according to the story.

According to Liam’s mother, Billy, a native of Israel and who has taught Hebrew to her two sons, teachers at the German school sought to play down the anti-Semitic attacks.

“We received no support from the school,” she said on a German TV talk show.

Ruckert told the BZ daily that he wanted to go to a boarding school in Israel, adding that he had already visited his brother there and learned that he was doing well.

The teen is currently involved in an internship outside of school. Although he is required to attend a school meeting every Friday, he ignores it because of psychological pressure, the BZ reported.The tabloid pointed out that anti-semitic attacks in Berlin schools are a common occurrence. Last week, the father of a German Jewish girl claimed that his daughter was “accosted by Muslim students because she does not believe in Allah.”

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