“Fox and Friends” co-hosts who cheer-leaded for Trump’s embarrassing NOKO summit meeting comment with a shrug as the Washington Post reports Kim Jong-un is still building new missiles after Trump said they no longer were.

During a Fox News Alert, major Trump suck-up Pete Hegseth read off the new report saying, “North Korea could be working to build new missiles despite its pledge to denuclearize.”

He continued, “U.S. spy agencies are seeing signs that the rogue regime is working on up to two missiles capable of hitting the United States. This satellite photo reportedly shows production at a missile facility…Hmm, not great.”

Steve Doocy’s reaction was much different after Pete threw the segment back to him.

“I wonder who at the spy agencies is talking to The Washington Post?”

So after all the hoopla and pomp and circumstance Fox News and especially Fox and Friends rejoiced in after Trump had a private meeting with the leader of North Korea and told the world denuclearization was done, Doocy’s only worry was somebody giving the Washington Post a story.

And for Hegseth, mumbling a ‘hmm’ and a ‘not great” after reports surfaced that Kim Jong Un is still building missiles to reach the U.S.was on par with his propaganda status.

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