The home of a supporter of New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer.

The home of a supporter of U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer was vandalized with a swastika and other graffiti Friday evening, the homeowner and the congressman’s campaign reported.

The incident occurred in Hampton along Route 521.

Handout photo 

Gottheimer, a Democrat who represents New Jersey’s 5th congressional district, is Jewish.

Signs in front of the home were vandalized also, along with two of a neighbor’s signs.

One sign, a large Josh Gottheimer for Congress banner, had “VOTE MAGA” and “GO TO CALI DEMS,” and LIBS SUCK” spray painted on it.

A swastika was painted on a speed limit sign next to the family’s house, said homeowner Adam Stolarsky.

His garage’s door handles were tampered with so it looked as if someone was trying to break in.

“Making America Great Again should not include painting swatistaks on peoples houses, going on people’s property to deface their property,” Adam Stolarsky, 48, said.

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