Oh, snap! President Trump just triggered a nation of Democrats after telling us how he really feels about the Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Ford. On Tuesday, at a rally, he made sure people knew where he stood on the case. He was very vocal about Christine Ford’s testimony against Judge Brett Kavanaugh where she accused him of attempted rape at a party years ago.

President Trump talked about Christine Ford’s claim that she had only drunk one beer, and yet she couldn’t remember where the party was at, how she got there, or how she got home afterward. She basically replied with: “I don’t remember.” When it came to questions like the exact date of the alleged incident, the time, and even the place.

President Trump was not having it, as you will see in the clip at the end of this post.

Can you imagine what Democrats are saying about this now? Well, you don’t have to. I picked up some feedback from them and it was just as vile as you would expect. There were some, however, who do get that Trump was just speaking the unvarnished truth.

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