Cincinnati upset by anti-Semitic ad

Early Thursday, Cincinnati’s WLW-AM began airing an anti-Semitic campaign ad in which a candidate spouted conspiracies involving “billionaire communist Jews.”

Then the complaints started rolling in. The radio station faced a boycott threat on social media.

The station has no choice, said Scott Reinhart, program manager for WLW-AM and 55KRC-AM.

Federal law prevents stations from refusing candidates ad time, even if the ad is racist or anti-Semitic and aired in the days following the massacre of worshipping Jews at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

“We can’t edit it,” Reinhart told the Enquirer. “We really don’t have much of a choice. The only way people can do something about that is to write the FCC and change the law. We don’t like carrying it.”

Penalties for preventing candidates access can include a station losing it’s license, according to the Federal Communications Act.

So that’s why WLW listeners nine times on Thursday morning heard an ad from Jim Condit, Jr., a candidate for Congress running in the 2nd Congressional District, the seat currently held by Brad Wenstrup, a Republican from Cincinnati’s Columbia Tusculum neighborhood.

Condit, 65, of Green Township, is on the ballot under the Green Party ticket, but the Green Party has disavowed him.

He’s run in different congressional districts in different parties. In past campaigns, he has denounced “Zionist” control of world politics and alleged that Jews played a role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. (Those attacks were conducted by the al-Qaeda terrorist group.)

In his latest ad, Condit rails against “fake lying polls put out by the big TV networks, all controlled by billionaire communist Jews.”

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