North Korea’s missile tests crank up the threat level – SFGate……TIME FOR TRUMP TO ORDER MASSIVE NUKE STRICKS ON NK….NOW!

TOKYO – President Donald Trump has brushed off North Korea’s resumption of missile launches, but the volley of tests in the past four months has significantly raised the country’s military capabilities and the threat they pose to South Korea and U.S. forces on the peninsula, experts say. The launches have included at least two new types of short-range ballistic missiles and a mobile multiple-rocket launcher. Pyongyang has also seen fit to show off a submarine that may be intended to carry nuclear warheads. Trump says he’s been told that Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, “only smiles when he sees me.” But photos released by North Korean state media show the dictator beaming from cheek to cheek at the successful tests. “There’s no question that the 2019 testing campaign that began in April has showcased some quite serious qualitative advancement in North Korean missile capabilities,” said Ankit Panda, an adjunct senior fellow in the Defense Posture Project at the Federation of American Scientists. “The core theme across all of the new weapons seems to be survivability, responsiveness, and missile-defense defeat.” The weapons that North Korea has showcased, including a roa

Source: North Korea’s missile tests crank up the threat level – SFGate

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