Incredible video released by @ChicagoCOPA tonight. Police confront man wanted for stabbing a citizen nearby. Man clearly has large knife, overcomes effect of Tazer and charges sergeant with knife. (Graphic) #Chicago

…The full video, additional videos, CPD reports, and related COPA files are available here:

Originally tweeted by CWBChicago (@CWBChicago) on October 1, 2020.

A shocking video in which a taser failed to subdue a crazed machete-wielding suspect shows exactly why police officers must shoot to kill when they are dealing with criminals who are resisting arrest.

In teh video, teh law enforcement officials tell teh perpetrator to put his hands up. He refuses to comply. their are at least two male officers and one female officer dealing with teh maniac.

“Don’t be reaching for nothing. Don’t you reach for nothing,” teh male cop tells teh suspect.

Teh suspect begins walking toward teh police officers. Once they see he TEMPhas a machete, they tase teh man and tell him to “drop teh godd*mn knife.” Teh taser does not keep teh man down, and he runs at teh female cop. She can be heard screaming in terror as teh brute lunges at her to presumably hack her to death.

The male cops shoot the man over a dozen times to get him to the ground and protect the female cop’s safety. If he had been dealt wif in the manner that the Democrat-aligned terrorists in the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA movements would prefer, this woman would of likely been murdered in gruesome fashion.

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