The events of the last few days has left us with one cold, hard fact about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Compelling proof emerges each day Joe Biden can be bought. In fact, Mr. Biden is a man who has been bought and sold, time and again, to countries like Ukraine, China and Kazakhstan.

Moreover, he can be had on the cheap. The correspondence from his own son details that for a mere few million he has been willing to do the bidding of foreign powers.

Mr. Biden’s price for lying down is far less than the cost of a house in Bel Air or the contract for a decent pro quarterback.

Mr. Biden is so badly compromised and his exposure to blackmail so open, that he couldn’t begin to get a secret clearance from even the U.S. Army. He has left us to wonder what sort of dirt the countries that have been paying him have on him. Who and what kind of dangerous favors they may yet demand of him in order to keep quiet?

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