This ′′ Clown ′′ has just opened four Middle Eastern peace agreements in the White House, something his predecessors have not achieved after 71 years of political intervention resulting in infinite war.The ′′ clown ′′ in the White House is the first president to not involve the US in a foreign war since Eisenhower.White House’s ′′ Clown ′′ had the biggest economic impact, creating jobs and reducing the unemployment of blacks and Latin Americans, unchallenged by any other president.′′ The Clown ′′ in the White House revealed deep, widespread and long-lasting corruption in FBA, CIA, NSA and in the Republican and Democratic Party.The ′′ clown ′′ in the White House turned NATO around, and coerced allies to start paying their obligations.The ′′ clown ′′ in the White House neutralized North Koreans, prevented them from developing a viable nuclear force, sending missiles to Japan, and threatening the west coast of the United States.White House ′′ Clown ′′ transformed relations with the Chinese, brought hundreds of businesses back to the US and revitalized the economy. Hello!!!!!!!’White House Clown’ finished appointing three Supreme Court judges and nearly 300 federal judges.The same ′′ clown ′′ in the White House reduced taxes, increased the standard tax refunded 12.500 dollars to Marrie Filig Joints to 24.400 USD and led to the stock market transferred to record maximums over 100 times higher, which positively influenced pensions of tens of millions of citizens.This ′′ clown ′′ of the White House revealed widespread pedophilia in government and Hollywood and exposed sexual trafficking to minors around the world.’ This White House Clown ‘ works for free and has lost over two billion dollars of his own money in service – and so much more to meet tireless, undermining and opposing people, who are being threatened, because they know they are exposed to attacks as criminals – if re-elected.I get it, you don’t like it. Many of you hate and despise him. How smart is that? He serves the American people and continues to serve everyone. What do you do besides say his name and laugh at him ′′ catching the Chinese virus ′′???And please let me know, what has Biden accomplished in his 47 years in the US administration?!Get it, guys! Every day I will defend the ′′ clown ′′ with a ′′ nasty tongue “, from sleazy, hypocritical and dirty liars. I don’t care if I like his character, I don’t know if I wanted to have a beer with him. I prefer a strong leader, who is not afraid to kick someone. I don’t need a father figure – I already have one. I don’t need a liar – that’s what Hollywood and CNN, MCNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and New York Tiems are for. I don’t need anyone to help me, but I also don’t want recommendation of a demented, senile, washed up swamp monster.

God bless Donald Trump – the most “unappreciated” president in history.

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