Ever shot an Uzi?
This small, but powerful Israeli sub machine gun was designed by Uziel Gal during an international competition with the first prototype appearing in 1950.
After selected field testing by groups in the desert, the Uzi’s small design and reliability did the work when the work needed to be done. IMI, Israeli Manufacturing Industries, soon developed newer, smaller models but always kept the open bolt design. Added to the team were the Mini Uzi, Micro Uzi, and even a pistol version.
The small size and 9mm spray of 600 rounds per minute make it an excellent choice when it’s time to clear bunkers or engage in other close quarters combat.
Our United States Secret Service protected government officials for over 30 years with this weapon (from the 60’s to the 90’s). In fact, it’s been used officially in over 90 countries resulting in more than $2 billion in sales.

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