Operation Spring Of Youth,Sidon and Beirut,Lebanon,9th-10th April,1973:Operation Spring Of Youth was one of the important sub operation done jointly by Israeli intelligence MOSSAD,Israeli army paratroopers,special force and navy special force.During 1972 Munich Olympic massacre PLO killed 16 Israeli athletes in West Germany,1 West German policeman was also killed.Since early 1973,Israeli prime minister Golde Meier ordered its intelligence MOSSAD to hunt down every PLO terrorist responsible for this attack.On February,1973 Ehud Barak,a senior officer engaged in Israeli PLO hunting operation Wrath Of God found detailed photographs and information that three main PLO officials responsible for the Munich massacre was then living in a luxury apartment building in Verdun neighborhood of West Beirut,Lebanon.More MOSSAD investigation found out these 3 PLO officials were 1.Muhammad Youssef al-Najjar-the main PLO officer leading the infamous Black September terrorist organization,responsible for Munich massacre of 1972.He was also a PLO veteran fighter,previously head of PLO Fatah branches in Beirut,

then head of Fatha’s internal intelligence organization.He was then serving the 2nd in command of PLO cheif Yasser Arafat.2.Kamal Adwan-a PLO cheif of operation for armed attack against Israeli targets all across Europe and North America.3.Kamal Nasser-a PLO spokesman and head of PLO executive committee.MOSSAD agents in Beirut confirmed that one apartment building houses al-Najjar and another building housed Adwan and Nasser across the street, they also confirmed that these buildings also housed several British,Italian,Arabs and Lebanese Christian families and guarded by armed Beirut police officers and Lebanese Internal security Gendarmerie troops with M119 armored personnel carriers.So Israeli commandos were ordered to act swiftly,stealth and carefully,and not taking any self or civilian casualties unnecessaryly.Some of the commandos were to be disguised as women (Barak was disguised as a brunette woman). Before the mission, the forces trained using similar apartments in northern Tel Aviv. They also practiced cross-dressing and walking around disguised as lovers.So as planned,On 9th April,1973 two Israeli navy Saar 4 class missile boats loaded with Israeli army Shariat Matkal commando units departed from Hyfa naval base towards Beirut,Lebanon.As they reached near Lebanese shores,the Zodiac speed boats were lowered in water and commandos were departed for a beachhead in Beirut.To avoid detection,they turned off their motors near few hundreds meter away from the beach and rowed rest of the way to the beach.In the beach some MOSSAD agents waiting for them with three rented cars.After reached the beach the commandos and MOSSAD agents drove for two apartment buildings disguised in civilian clothing.The Sayreet commandos set up C4 explosives all along the room where Al Najjar lived while another backup team waited outside the building led by commander Barak to repel any possible PLO and Lebanese ISF Gendermerie reinforcements.After Najjar entered his room,commandoes detonated the explosives to create distractions,as PLO troops rushed to see what happen the commandos stormed the building,Najjar tried a retaliation with his AK47 assault rifle but killed by Israeli commandos,Najjar’s wife was also killed as she tried sheild his body,a Lebanese Christan was killed in the corridor due to crossfire.Outside of the building,a fighting ensued when a joint PLO,Lebanese police and ISF Gendermerie tried to enter the building,two Lebanese policeman were killed and the rest of the PLO,ISF were beaten back.After killing of Najjar,Adwan and Nasser Israeli commandos gathered all the intelligence reports they got and evacuated the damaged building for extraction point in beach by MOSSAD cars.During extraction they faced Lebanese army M119 APCs patroling the beach street.But they were not engaged.After reached the beach the MOSSAD agents and commandos abandon their cars and extracted by their Zodiac boats.Same time another 14 Israeli commandos mainly from IDF paratroopers brigade raided a multi stored building housed the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine or PFLP fighters.The team was also disguised as civilian clothing and led by Amnon Lipkin-Shahak.The team faced stiff resistance here as gunmen from upper store continued their firing and tried to get upper hand in the elevator of ground level but wiped out by the commandos waiting near the door.The team managed to place large number of C4 explosives in the building and detonated it,thus caused the half of the building collapsed.The team was then evacuated by Israeli Air Force Super Frelon helicopters.Two secondary forces also attacked the Fatah headquarters for Gaze operation and a Fatah warehouse in South Beirut.A team of Shariat 19 naval commandos attacked and destroyed a Fatah explosives workshop in North Beirut and paratrooper unit destroyed a PLO garage in Sidon.All commandos were evacuated via IAF Sikorsky SH60 or Super Frelon helicopters.The operation caused the death of 100 PLO or PFLP fighters killed including three high ranking officers Al-Najjer,Adwan and Nasser.Israeli commando units lost 2 commandos,4 Lebanese civilians and 2 policemen died in the crossfire.Despite Israel acheived its goal to hunt down and weakening PLO leadership.


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