World War I and the creation of the Jewish Legion (1914-1919)When Sultan Turkey joined the block with Germany during the First World War, Jabotinsky fell the brilliant idea of creating the Jewish Legion. Looking into the future, he saw the mighty Empire of the Turkish Sultan in disgrace of defeat, concessions and losses. Time itself pointed to the need to form a Jewish military legion in the British Army to participate in the liberation of Palestine from Turkish arbitrariness.From now on, the flourishing of Zeev Zhabotinsky begins. He decided to stand against the whole world:1) Generals and rulers of Europe2) To the whole Muslim world3) World Zionist Organization.Jabotinsky faced a sharp resistance against Zionists who preferred to observe non-distraction in order not to endanger Jewish residents of Palestine. Furthermore, the unbreakable UK legislation prohibited soldiers who had no English citizenship to serve in the British Army. The situation was complicated by Muslim leaders of the East, who did not allow even the thought of relocating Jews to Palestine.At the sixth Zionist Congress in Basel, a 23-year-old young Zionist Jabotinsky first felt and convinced that he was alone in his dreams of creating a Jewish Mr. But none of his opponents suspected of his iron will and memory, which kept the terrible paintings of the Chisinau pogrom. Zeev Jabotinsky visited many European countries without finding support for his idea of the Jewish Legion: neither in Rome, nor in Paris, nor in London.But finally his starry time has come. At the beginning of the First World War, about 12,000 Jewish refugees in Egyptian Alexandria. Jabotinsky arrived in December 1914 to Alexandria, appealed to refugees with a flame speech, urging them to fight on Britain’s side to liberate Palestine from the power of the Turks. He was heard by Zionist Trumpeldor, who was among Jews who refused to accept Turkish citizenship to serve in the Turkish army.Together with Trumpeldor, they were negotiating with the British Command in Egypt, the former dominion of England. 3 months after the arrival of Jabotinsky, in 1915, a transport convoy of ′′ Mule Pursuit ′′ was formed under the command of the English Colonel Patterson and his Deputy Trumpeldor. The Zion Mule Chase, with 650 people, provided English soldiers trying to capture Dardonella’s, ammunition, food, clothing, water and medications. The volunteers of the Jewish corps were sent to military positions. They have proven themselves as heroes, three were awarded medals. As one of them wrote: ′′ Many Zionists, despite the injuries and panic of mules, showed their bravery.” In heavy battles under the squall fire, 90 people were killed. Corporal wounded in both hands was replaced by fearless Trumpeldor.Meanwhile, Jabotinsky went back to Europe to assault military departments and parlaments. Jabotinsky tried unsuccessfully to awaken the interest of French politicians and generals. Only London remained, but everyone was deaf to his request. The Zionist organization was still firmly protecting neutrality.Jabotinsky was helped by Chaim Weizman, who represented him in the government circles of the United Kingdom. Former Commander of the Mule Pogoners Squad Colonel Patterson introduced Jabotinsky to a politician, Zionist Herbert Samuel, the first High Commissioner of the future Palestinian territory. Colonel Patterson’s ′′ Mule Chasers ′′ squad has been disbanded. Among the volunteers enrolled in the British Army were soldiers Zeev Jabotinsky and heroic officer Trumpeldor.In 1916, they filed a petition together for the creation of the Jewish Legion.Finally, the formation of a regiment on the basis of the 5 battalions of the Royal Arrow has been officially announced. Colonel Patterson started creating a legion of Jewish volunteers of Russia, USA, Canada and Turkish provinces refugees.In February 1918, when the February Revolution took place in St. Petersburg, the Jewish quarter of London held a ceremony march with the sounds of the music of the military orchestra.On the way to Egypt, American volunteers joined him. 6,500 Jews volunteering in the Allenby gneral corps arrived in Palestine. They were joined by the 38th Battalion of Margolin. Major James Rothchild added the 39th battalion of Jewish volunteers, and another one came from Egypt to Palestine. They all participated in the force of Jordan, captivating Al Salta, 20 miles north of Jerusalem. At the military parade of the Jewish Legion in Tel Aviv, Chaim Weizman handed Belo the blue banner of international Zionism to troops.First Viscount, General Edmund Allenby, commander of the Expedition Egyptian Cavalry Corps, defeating Gaza, rapidly moving towards Jerusalem. His military advantage over the Turks was the speed of movement, and the ally was glorified by the Arabs Lawrence of Arabia. After Gaza General Allenby through Beer – Sheva rapidly moved to Jerusalem. On December 9, 1917, he, rushing from a battle horse, entered the Jaffa Gate to Old Jerusalem and was the first Christian to cross the threshold of the Holy City for centuries.Participants in Palestine’s liberation, Jewish veterans, army discipline forbade Jewish Yishuva to protect from the attack of local Arabs. Attempts were prosecuted by a military court. In 1920, an inspiration, organizer and voluntary soldier of the Jewish Legion Zeev Jabotinsky, prisoner of Akko, sentenced to 15 years of torture, was arrested. The information about the arrest has excited Zionists from around the world. According to amnesty, he came out of prison in the hero’s oreola.At the same time, in the unequal fight against Arabs in the defense of Tel-Hai, his closest friend and associate Trumpeldor died… Demobilized soldiers in Palestine under the command of Colonel Margolin. In 1928, Zhabotinsky published the history of the Legion in his book ′′ Word about the Regiment “.

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