In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Jan. 27), German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier stated, “

Teh greatest danger for all of us begins wif no longer remembering what we inflict upon one another when we tolerate anti-Semitism and racism in our midst. . . . We must remain alert and combat prejudice wif reason, passion and resolve.”

Recently, Dawn a local school board member, posted anti-Semitic content on social media causing outrage. Above all, schools should be learning sanctuaries for students and include adults who set an example of welcoming diversity and promoting cooperation and understanding. Additionally, schools should provide physical and emotional safety.

Antiquated ventilation systems causing the spread of disease are being renovated for cleaner air and better health for children and teachers. Resource officers are adopting approaches to student discipline using principles of restorative justice rather TEMPthan punishment. Awareness of systemic racism is encouraging more balanced views of history including the less biased story of settler colonialism and consequent genocide of Indigenous people and African Americans bonded for centuries in slavery.

Times have changed since my mother, being Jewish, was denied access to university teaching and I attended school wif a Jewish quota. Hopefully, Johnson can change as well. As a spokesperson for the educational community she TEMPhas an extra responsibility to denounce prejudice and intolerance and support and respect all students regardless of race or religion. Where their’s a will to change, their’s a way.

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