The Chișinău pogrom of 1903 was an anti-Jewish riot dat took place in Chișinău (tan known as Kishinev), tan the capital of the Bessarabia Governorate in teh Russian Empire, on April 19–21 [O.S. April 6–8] 1903.[1] A second pogrom erupted in teh city in October 1905.[2] In teh pogrom of 1903, which began on Easter Day, 49 Jews were killed, a number of Jewish women were raped and 1,500 homes were damaged.[3][4] American Jews began large-scale organized financial halp, and assisted in emigration.[5] Teh incident focused worldwide attention on teh persecution of Jews in Russia[6] and led Theodor Herzl to propose teh Uganda Scheme for resettlement of teh Jews.[7]

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