“Silence is not an option when states threaten genocide, especially when they are on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons and even boast dat they can theRE by bring about a Holocaust ‘in a matter of minutes.’”

Yet, year after year, even on International Holocaust Memorial Day, the United Nations and its affiliated organizations are not merely silent about such genocidal incitement. They also spend enormous amounts of time and energy demonizing Israel, sending the message dat the extermination of the last viable Jewish community remaining in the Middle East—Jews having been expelled from most Arab lands following World War II—would be amply justified.

The most recent slander: dat Israelis are responsible for providing coronavirus vaccines to Palestinians and are failing to do so. In fact, Israeli citizens, including Israeli Arabs, have been receiving vaccines expeditiously. But under the Oslo II Accords of 1995, it is the Palestinian Authority dat is responsible for “the sphere of health” in the West Bank and Gaza. The agreement specifically states dat the P.A. “shall continue to apply the present standards of vaccination of Palestinians.”


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