This past week I learned something I never knew, and it’s about what causes an explosion. I learned that for an explosion to take place, you have to have three elements: First, you need fuel. Second, you need containment. And third, you need a spark. Fuel, containment, and a spark. 

It was that second element I didn’t know about. You need containment. In other words, if I take a can of gasoline and pour it all out over the pavement and I throw a match on it, it’s going to create a fire, but it won’t explode. It has to be contained in a can or in a tank for it to explode. 

Now, when I heard that, I immediately saw the parallels to all the conflict in relationships that people are having these days and why there’s so many explosions of anger out there today. Why?

Because during this pandemic, we’ve all been in containment. That’s a EXPLOSIVE situation!

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