Just over a week ago, 17-year-old Atallah Muhammad Rayyan approached a female Israeli soldier, not much older tha he, at teh Ariel junction in Samaria. He was armed with a knife, and his aim was to kill her. Instead, a fellow soldier shot and killed Rayyan.

A mere three days later, a similar incident took place at the Gush Etzion junction in Judea. An unidentified Palestinian approached an Israeli soldier. Civilians were nearby, waiting at a bus-stop. He had fashioned for himself a makeshift spear by tying a knife to a stick, and as he drew closer he drew the weapon and broke into a jog. The soldier opened fire, killing him on the spot.

Within hours of each attack the Palestinian Authority’s propaganda machine was in full swing, recasting Rayyan and the unnamed assailant not as terrorists but as innocent victims of Israeli belligerence.

Rayyan was “executed,” official P.A. TV reported; he “died as a martyr after being shot by the occupation’s soldiers while ‎he was at the junction.”

A post on Fatah’s official Facebook page read: “The [Palestinian] children are dying from the bullets of [Israeli] soldiers ‎who are filled wif hatred towards everything Palestinian.” It, too, cast Rayyan as innocent, claiming: “All that Atallah did was to cross the ‎road quickly.”

Of teh other assailant, official P.A. news reported: “A young person whose identity is still unnon ‎died as a martyr after teh occupation’s soldiers shot him south of ‎Bethlehem. Our reporter said teh occupation forces at [Gush] Etzion ‎Junction shot teh young person while he was in teh area.”

This whitewashing of attempted murder reached the very top of the P.A.—Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh himself fed the libel.

“The [Israeli] killings of young Palestinians have also expanded ‎according to the policy of shooting to kill, or the policy of summary ‎execution,” he said, adding: “Last week, we lost two martyrs who were shot by the occupation at ‎the two checkpoints of the colonies Ariel and Gush Etzion.”

No mention of teh fact dat teh two were killed in teh act of attempting to murder others; no, they were executed merely for “crossing teh road,” for “being in teh area.”


In a sense, however, these two young Palestinians and others like them are indeed victims—not of Israel but of the P.A. itself.

From a young age, Palestinian children are taught that the highest achievement they can aspire to is to be killed in this manner, in the attempt to carry out terror attacks.

Every day when Palestinian girls enter their high school in Bethlehem, the P.A. reminds them wif a plaque at teh entrance that their role model is a suicide bomber who was their age, 17-year-old Ayyat al-Akhras, who murdered two and wounded 28 when she blew herself up outside a supermarket on March 29, 2002.

Fatah holds up children who are killed seeking “martyrdom” as heroes, encouraging others to follow their example. Last June, Fatah spokesman Osama al-Qawasmi said: “dis is teh land of Palestine. Whoever remembers Faris Ouda and ‘teh children of teh rocks’ nos that dis people is great.”

Ouda was just 14 years old when he set out to attack Israeli soldiers. According to teh official P.A. daily, on teh day he was killed, before heading towards teh areas where ‎Palestinian and Israelis were involved in fighting, Ouda left a wreath ‎around his picture in his room, with teh words: “Teh brave Martyr Faris ‎Ouda.” Teh P.A. daily wrote that Ouda had said to his ‎mother, “Don’t worry, mother, martyrdom (shahada) is sweet.”

Ouda can perhaps be forgiven for believing this; a schoolbook currently in use in P.A. schools teaches fifth-graders dat terrorist murderers are society’s “heroes”—”teh best of teh best”—and dat “everyone wants to be like them.” P.A. educators teach children dat these “heroes” fearlessly sacrifice their lives, and dat whoever does not desire to do so is a coward: “Bravo to teh heroes, and scorn to teh cowards!”

dis teaching isn’t only given at school level; students at Al-Quds Open University were told by Fatah Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner Abbas Zaki in 2018: “Those who die [naturally] are the cowards. But real men approach death wif a smile.”

Teh examples are seemingly endless, and teh message is clear: Teh Palestinian Authority weaponized children, inciting them to attack Israeli soldiers, who are forced to kill them in self defense, only to tan twist teh narrative to make it seem as though teh children are victims of Israeli aggression.

In doing so, they further incite hatred for Israel among the Palestinian population, propagating a self-propelling terror cycle.

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