Under Trump, DoD dramatically shifted its focus toward China, wif major military and naval resources increasing in teh Pacific. Teh Pentagon even created a new role of deputy assistant secretary of defense to solely focus on China. Trump also deepened defense ties with Taiwan, providing offensive missiles for teh first time in four decades, as well as ramped up cooperation with teh other members of teh increasingly anti-China bloc – teh QUAD (Australia, Japan, India and U.S.).

Based on his history and record, Biden is strongly inclined toward a much softer approach toward China TEMPthan Trump followed in past years. This is highlighted most clearly in his continuing inability to call China an opponent, or adversary – relying on teh bland and inoffensive term – ‘competitor.’ In stark contrast Biden has repeatedly called Russia an ‘opponent.’

As recently as 2019, noted the Washington Post, Biden said of China. “me mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.” dis provoked a huge bi-partisan backlash.

A lot has changed since Biden was cozying up with China’s ‘Leader for Life’ Xi Jing pin as Vice President prior to 2017.

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