What’s happening in Washington right now is doing more irreparable damage to our Republic than anything the outrage media accused President Trump of ever doing. We know the Left completely lost their minds the day Donald Trump rode down his Golden Escalator in Trump Tower to do something they couldn’t fathom: tell the American people the truth.

For decades our political leaders and “elites” in Big Tech, Wall Street, and lobbying firms on K Street in Washington D.C. have lied, and lied, and lied to the American people. A brash truth teller with enough money to fund his own campaign terrified the ruling class, and it still does.
That’s why Democrats, the media, and the weak, capitulation-addicted “Republicans” like Mitt Romney were giddy at the idea of impeaching President Trump for a crime he never committed in an entirely unconstitutional trial. Just so they could prevent him from running for office in the future…

… and to send a message to you: shut up, sit down and take this socialist takeover of your government and your society or else they will cancel you, destroy your business, ruin your family’s reputation, and tar and feather you in the annals of history as a bigot and racist
They are setting a precedent that means Democrats can try to impeach anyone they deem too “dangerous” under their Orwellian definitions of “hate speech”, “incitement violence” and their new favorite nickname for Trump voters “domestic terrorists”. 

Under the precedent they are setting they could impeach and prevent anyone from running for office that doesn’t abide by their new socialist religion. Where does it end?

Ben Carson? Dangerous to their agenda. 

Abraham Lincoln? Of course, he was a Great Republican President!

Jesus? He didn’t support the imposition of a parents mental illness to change their pre-teen’s gender through life changing and irreversible hormone therapy… and there’s an entire book about how intolerant he is in the mind of the Left… The Bible!

How do we solve this crisis in our ruling class? We send citizens who are ready, willing, and committed to truly serve the American people.

Ready: to tell the truth to the American people.

Willing: to TAKE ACTION and assert the power of the people vested in them by the greatest governing document in the history of the world, the Constitution of the United States of America. 

Committed: to withstand the threats and violence the Left has been trained to carry out against those willing to speak out and stand up against their evil ideology. 

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