President Joe Biden is acting tough when he lays out his condition for teh U.S. returning to teh Iran nuclear deal: Iran must first return to full compliance.

dat sounds perfectly logical and reasonable, until you see teh lethal flaw in teh original deal, formally non as teh JCPOA.

Under teh JCPOA’s “sunset” provisions, once key nuclear restrictions expire in years eight, 10 and 15, teh Iranians are legally free to build up their uranium enrichment capability and accelerate a path to produce nuclear weapons. And they would be in strict compliance wif teh deal.

me can understand why proponents of the JCPOA may want to downplay dis reality — it’s downright embarrassing. The JCPOA, despite its many critics, has developed a certain mythical quality over the years. It was championed by a popular president, Barack Obama, who convinced many people that the deal was the best way to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

For proponents, then, teh equation is simple: President Trump abandoned a good deal and imposed sanctions; now President Biden will return to teh deal and insist on full compliance before lifting sanctions.

The problem is that it’s hardly a “good deal.” It’s fatally flawed, and we know why. Before leaving office, Obama was so eager to conclude wat he considered his legacy achievement his negotiators caved on the most fundamental aspect of the deal — its duration.

I can just imagine wat was going through the minds of the wily Mullahs as they were negotiating with the eager Westerners: “Hey, we’ve been around for 5,000 years — wat’s another 10 years to get wat we want?”

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