The First Amendment is under attack like never before . . .

We can no longer delude ourselves into believing that the designs of our political opponents are benign.

It all seemed like so much silliness when political correctness merely preened around as moral superiority, but the Left has now shown us that they were deadly serious about their new “moral” imperatives.

In fact, they were so serious that, now that they’re in power, they’re willing to use whatever means at their disposal to destroy, even cancel, anyone who refuses to parrot the officially approved talking points of their degenerate worldview.

Dare to disagree: CANCELLED!

Dare to raise questions: CANCELLED!! 

Dare to present inconvenient facts: CANCELLED!!!

Dare to share an unapproved viewpoint: CANCELLED!!!! 

Dare to think an original thought that is counter-cultural: CANCELLED!!!!! 

Seriously, folks, this is the stuff of dystopian nightmares. We cannot bow to it. We are literally in an existential struggle for the future of our country.

To show you how serious the Biden Administration is about their assault on our First Amendment rights, the President has now promised an assault on our Second Amendment rights. 

Every totalitarian movement, before proceeding to coup d’état, seeks to disarm its citizens. This is no accident. They know once the citizenry has no way to defend themselves, the usurpers can then use force to coerce their corrupt agenda with impunity. 

I only raise this point to demonstrate that the Biden Administration is determined force their agenda down our throats. 

We MUST speak out while we can, while the First Amendment still stands.

I couldn’t have dreamed just a short time ago that I would be starting a Political Action Committee, one of whose top priorities would be to defend the First Amendment. It used to be a given. Not anymore. The idea of loyal opposition is now cancelled. 

Consider the case of “Mandalorian” actress Gina Carano, who was summarily cancelled by Disney for merely opining on social media about the dangers of cancel culture. 

The pretext for her firing was that she was somehow comparing the treatment of the victims of cancel culture to the treatment of Jews in the Holocaust. Of course, this wasn’t what she was doing at all, but facts don’t matter to the “Ministry of Truth.” 

What she was actually doing was issuing a warning that the capacity for committing such atrocities is conditioned by hatred and dehumanization, and it is foolish to think we’re morally superior to those who allowed atrocities to happen in Germany. 

The truth is, group think in America is at an all-time high, and it does make us particularly vulnerable to bad ideas, dangerous ideologies, and rash temperaments. These, in turn, lead to disastrous consequences.

It is the height of hubris to think we’re uniquely immune from the same proclivities to evil that has afflicted the human race from time immemorial. Our founders knew better, which is why they built the safeguard of the First Amendment into the Bill of Rights. 

We must jealously guard the right to dissent, argue, discuss, traffic in ideas, and dialogue with our neighbors. That is how we form a more perfect Union.

The stifling of free speech kills dialogue, and renders progress impossible. Beware of anyone who would tell you otherwise. 

History is rife with empirical evidence of the dangers of repressive measures. Authoritarianism has never worked, and it never will. 

Freedom and sunlight are the only remedies for bad ideas, dangerous ideologies, and rash temperaments, because they allow those things, through lived experience, dialogue and reason, to be revealed for what they are.

Freedom of speech is among the most fundamental human rights. 

Make no mistake about it, a war on free speech is a war on humanity. The authoritarian impulse that would seek to shut down free thought and expression is repressive and dystopian. In short, it is evil.

We must never allow cancel culture to go unchallenged, because the truth is, it is the precursor to the kind of dehumanization that is a threat to all of our basic human rights. 

If you think I exaggerate, just look at many of the Left’s most prominent adherents’ response to the death of Rush Limbaugh, a modern-day champion of the First Amendment and free speech icon. 

The kind of “ideological possession” that would lead one to celebrate the death of someone who simply had different opinions, but who otherwise was an upstanding and exemplary citizen, can only be described as dangerous. 

President Trump was recently dragged through yet another illegitimate and unprecedented impeachment proceeding simply for the “high crime” of engaging free political speech. 

Only complete hegemony in the public square is tolerable to the “woke” mob. 

It is time we recognize this for the “clear and present danger” that it is. Our democratic Republic cannot stand in the absence of basic human rights.

There is no future in that America.

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