The United Nations’ “Small Arms Treaty” has been the Gun Control Lobby’s crown jewel for decades.

They’ve been waiting for an anti-gun President, like Joe Biden, to take the White House so they can launch an all-out effort to ratify it in the U.S. Senate.

Now, they think they finally see their opportunity to ram it through!

But you and I have a chance to stop them cold — as long as we take IMMEDIATE action to help dismantle this dangerous Treaty.

As Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights, explains in the email below, it’s absolutely critical we act now!


The Hon. Rand Paul
U.S. Senator (R-KY)

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Anti-gun statists around the globe believe they have it made.

The United Nations is done with its dirty work finalizing the details of their so-called “Small Arms Treaty.”

After locking-arms with China, the latest nation to join the Treaty, they’re looking to force the United States into submission next.

Armed with the full backing of President Joe Biden — and gun grabbers seemingly a majority of the United States Senate — an all-out ratification showdown over the UN “Small Arms Treaty” is rapidly approaching.

If you and I are going to beat this Treaty, we simply must fight back NOW — before it’s too late.

That’s why I’m counting on you to sign your OFFICIAL FIREARMS SOVEREIGNTY SURVEY to tell your U.S. Senators “NO UN GUN BAN” at once!

As you’ll see, this survey insists that your U.S. Senators do everything in their power to oppose the UN “Small Arms Treaty” in the U.S. Senate.

The fact is, Joe Biden has always been a puppet of the gun grabbers and a staunch advocate for the Treaty during his time as Vice President.

And following gains in the U.S. Senate, anti-gun Senate kingpin Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is itching to RAM this Treaty through too!

So it’s crucial for you and me to act now.

If we don’t, we’ll be playing with fire, and the gun grabbers could gain the votes they need for Treaty ratification.

I can’t explain what a DISASTER this would be.

This Treaty would effectively allow foreign bureaucrats to DESTROY your Second Amendment freedoms.

In fact, after reading through the details of the Treaty, it’s hard to see how our Second Amendment could survive such an assault.

Perhaps the worst of the Treaty’s provisions can be found in Article V, which mandates countries establish a “National Control List” — a recordkeeping system to track “end users” of “small and light weapons” for a “minimum of ten years.”

This is an International Gun Registry, clearly designed to include detailed information on American gun owners.

Just imagine foreign dictators and governments — or President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for that matter — having unrestricted access to a list of every American gun owner!

You and I both know gun registration is just the first step toward outright CONFISCATION. And the UN is already plotting their next step — developing new “International Small Arms Control Standards” (ISACS).

Treaty apologists’ goal is to impose these radical anti-gun initiatives on every nation who signs the UN “Small Arms Treaty.”

Introductory language already includes:

*** Mandated national “screening” for those seeking to own guns, giving bureaucrats the final say on whether or not you’re “competent” enough to own a gun;

*** Restrictive licensing for gun and ammo sales, and perhaps even bans on certain types of firearms. This could include anything from semi-auto rifles to shotguns and handguns;

*** Restrictions on the number of guns and amount of ammo any “properly-licensed” individual may legally own;

*** Bans on magazines holding more than ten rounds; and

*** Bans on owning a firearm for self-defense — unless a citizen can somehow demonstrate need and get federal government approval.That’s why your IMMEDIATE action is so important.

To those who think government holds all the answers, Americans’ Second Amendment freedoms are a threat to their grand “utopian” designs for all of us.

As long as we remain free to make our own decisions without being bossed around by bureaucrats, those who want big government on a global scale will be out of luck.

This explains why they’re so hell-bent on forcing the U.S. to submit to the UN “Small Arms Treaty”…

…and why we must defeat it!

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