The World`s Most Ferocious Special Forces January 13, 2019 | Marty Shtrubel Share on Facebook Israeli Shayetet 13 A commando unit made of elite soldiers from the Israeli Navy, the Shayetet 13 is the Israeli Defence Force’s main special commando unit. Highly secretive, there is little information about these guys. Masters of the Israeli martial art, Krav Maga, to be a part of the Shaytet 13 you must sign up for four action packed years.


LEFT WING MADNESS FOR OUR PRESIDENT OUR NATION OUR FLAG! Protesters among the Women’s March in Washington, DC, Saturday called for free abortions for all, President Trump’s children to be caged, and for Trump to “drop dead.” The left-wing protesters showed support for feminism, prostitution, transgender issues, and immigration. Many demonstrators also showed serious hatred for the president.

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