LEFT WING MADNESS FOR OUR PRESIDENT OUR NATION OUR FLAG! Protesters among the Women’s March in Washington, DC, Saturday called for free abortions for all, President Trump’s children to be caged, and for Trump to “drop dead.” The left-wing protesters showed support for feminism, prostitution, transgender issues, and immigration. Many demonstrators also showed serious hatred for the president.

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The European Commission warned Monday of a study in 12 countries of the Union that nine out of ten European Jews (89%) feel that antisemitism has increased in their country in the past five years. “The twentieth century has seen many diseases. The only one that remains incurable is anti-Semitism, “said First Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, presenting the study in Brussels.


A dead date and painful memories that have not been alleviated with time. The ceremonies that took place recently in Paris and Jerusalem to commemorate the Rafle of Tunis are proof of this, and a sad reminder of the ordeal endured by the Tunisian Jewish victims. As Serge Klarsfeld wrote, “they experienced anguish, ransoms, looting, the suffering of forced labor and dozens of deaths. They went from almost a project of annihilation. Their story must not fall into the field of oblivion.

Tunis, Arbeitseinsatz von Juden